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More Mining Film Preserved

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More mining film preserved

16mm color film (pos.) Kodachrome,  approx.  300 ft. on a 7" reel, 3 splices.

Stibnite; Bunker Hill, Burke Canyon.  1950

Stibnite, Idaho and the Bradley Mining Co. scenes from 1950, showing surface operations from a high vantage point, vans, a bulldozer at work, much on the miner’s hospital and surrounding residences.  Bunker Hill mining operations, showing pit mining as viewed from top rim, panoramic shots of surface operations, a close-up of a "Bucyrus-Erie 54B" steam shovel at work loading dirt into a truck, with views of surrounding residences of the miners.  Morning Star mine residential areas and new streetlights.  Hercules mine showing residential housing, and Burke, Idaho showing local terrain around the town/mine.

Ch 3: 0:30 to 1:39  Bradley Mining Co. office and view

1:39 to 1:49  bulldozer at work

1:49 to 3:37  Stibnite town, church, and hospital

3:37 to 4:29  Bunker Hill open pit mine, with steam shovel 4:08-4:25

4:29 to 8:33 Electolytic Zinc Plant at Silver King, west of Bunker Hill Smelter which was west of Kellogg, Idaho.

8:33 Begins with the mine dump at the Morning Mine at Mullan, Idaho and mine facilities. 

9:54 is the Morning Club at Mullan built by the Morning Mine as a community center at Mullan, Id.

10:24 begins with the Gem Mill at Gem, Idaho, used by the Hecla Mining Company at Burke, Idaho.

10:38 is the Tamarack & Custer mine near Burke, Idaho.

11:06 is the Hecla Mining companys Star Mine at Burke, Idaho. When the ore bodies of the Star & Morning were worked in conjunction(they were connected) it was called the Star-Morning Mine. Not the Morning Star. 

11:21 is Burke, Id looking down canyon.

11:30 The 4 story building is the famous Tiger Hotel and the rest are out buildings for the Hercules Mining company, both at Burke, Id.

12:17 is the baseball field, Ahern Field,  in upper Burke, Id. Written November 2009 for the UI Library's Digital Memories website.

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