What's Bugging You

A look at the research and photos held in our collections on the insects and diseases plaguing Idaho forests.

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Mountain Pine Beetle

What's Bugging You

One of the most destructive forest insects in western North America, mountain pine beetles (Dendroctonus Ponderosae) will attack any pine species rather than a select few. In Idaho, timber production is a valuable commodity with sales of lumber alone well over $1 billion in 2018. In the late 1960s, it... [Read More]

Lodgepole Pine Moth

Preview image for Lodgepole Pine Moth
Cone and seed insects such as the lodgepole cone moth (Eucosma rescissoriana Hein) cause significant damage to forests and seed orchards by feeding on the seeds in lodgepole pine trees as well as other valuable tree crops such as western white pines. They can be found in forests throughout northwestern... [Read More]

Creatures Great and Small

Cattle grazing
For this holiday edition of What’s Bugging You, we’re focusing on some of the larger critters and creatures sharing space in our forests. Some of the damage porcupines, bears and cows cause to trees can be found on this page of a Forest Research Photo Album found in our Potlatch... [Read More]

What's Bugging You

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Defoliation in a mixed conifer stand by the Douglas Fir Tussock Moth
Welcome to our new series, What’s Bugging You, where we highlight the vast research held in our collections on the pests and diseases plaguing Idaho forests. Some of the topics we will include are Tussock Moths, Pine Beetles, Blister Rust, and some of the chemicals and techniques used to combat... [Read More]