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College of Mines students

College of Mines. University of Idaho. Students at mine exhibit. [223-15]
Today’s Archives Outdoors shows a group of University of Idaho College of Mines students, presumably on a field trip. Incidentally, one of our metadata listings for this image states they are at an exhibit, while another states they are at an adit, which according to Wikipedia is “(from Latin aditus,... [Read More]

Stay Cool, Vandals!

Edith Phelan, Harriet Kline, and Mrs. Fussy swimming
The University of Idaho Library Special Collections and Archives hopes you find a way to beat the heat this weekend. Maybe you can take a quick dip in a nearby lake, river or pool like this trio of water lovers in Coolin, Idaho. [Read More]


CCC Road Crew
Happy First Day of Summer from the University of Idaho Library Special Collections and Archives! Throughout our region and state, the start of summer signals the beginning of annual road maintenance and construction. In the mid to late 1930′s, workers for the Idaho Civilian Conservation Corps performed similar duties as... [Read More]

calling from afar

Bob Tondevold
In today’s Archives Outdoors, Bob Tondevold surveys the land and air and reports back using a ‘Littlefone’ from atop Bald Mountain in south-central Idaho, near Sun Valley. From the caption on back: “This is terrain which offers ‘radar shows’ and potential invasion path to enemy. Tondevold uses hand-carried battery-operated transmitter... [Read More]