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genuine Idaho potatoes

potato nutrition card sample
Did you know that Genuine IDAHO Potatoes offer your family… *Iron to Build Blood’ *Vitamin C for Healthy Teeth and Gums; * Potassium for Muscle Power; *Low Sodium; *Fewer Calories than Rice or Pasta and Twice as much Fiber! [Read More]

Brotherly Potatoes

advertisement for the Idaho Potato Commission
This scene was used for a 1984 ad campaign for the Idaho Potato Commission, producing a television commercial and full-color illustration for a consumer magazine. [Read More]
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Introducing Mr. Idaho Potato

Mr. Idaho Potato standing next to Minnie Mouse at the United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Convention in Anaheim, California
Sporting a 20 gallon cowboy hat and standing just over 7 feet tall, Mr. Idaho Potato made his debut appearance in February of 1983 at the United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Convention held in Anaheim, CA. Print versions of a potato caricature had existed since 1952. Mr. Idaho Potato, standing... [Read More]
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Football and Potatoes

Vandal football team lined up holding bags and boxes of New Sweden brand Idaho potatoes
To kick off the University of Idaho football season, here is a photo of the 1940 team lined up to advertise New Sweden Idaho Potatoes. Our first game is at home against Montana State University on September 1st. Go Vandals! [Read More]

Spuds for Dinner

Lindley Hall, University of Idaho. Kitchen. Leonard Arrington peeling potatoes. [62-12]
Leonard Arrington, class of 1939, peeling potatoes in the Lindley Hall kitchen. Lindley Hall existed as a men’s dormitory on campus from 1920 until 1971. [Read More]
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Famous Potatoes

UI President Jesse Buchanan, Restaurateur Dario L. Toffenetti, and Idaho Governor Charles A. Robins (left to right)
Left to right: UI President Jesse Buchanan, Restaurateur Dario L. Toffenetti, and Idaho Governor Charles A. Robins.  Mr. Toffenetti helped put Idaho potatoes on the national restaurant scene by extensively yet poetically advertising Idaho-grown baked potatoes that were served in his restaurants in Chicago and New York. [Read More]
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Pass me that potato, Carl

Carl Kiilsgaard preparing to pass a large potato
Vandal Football legend Carl Kiilsgaard passes a potato for a publicity stunt sometime during his student tenure from 1946 to 1949.  After graduation, Carl was drafted and briefly played for NFL’s Chicago Cardinals in 1950 before being called back into active duty during the Korean War.  A life-long University of... [Read More]

King Spud

University of Idaho 1967-68 basketball team in practice uniforms
A 1960s basketball rivalry between the University of Idaho and Idaho State University sees the winning team of the annual series sporting a smiling, silver spud trophy, the “King Spud.” [Read More]