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Twin Falls Irrigation Letter The Cube Ridenbaugh Hall, 1902 Provisioning for Train Travel Memorial Steps Completion Library Cats Librarians Packing Glass Negatives Kooskia Letter Homer Pound and Idaho Freshman Bonfire Early Co-Eds on Campus Earl Larrison and the Scott Collection Big Blow Up of 1910 Babylonian Clay Tablet Willis Sweet and the Founding of the University William E. Borah Considers the Presidency Nez Perces Indian War Series '77 Heart of Midlothian Ootheca Wolleyana Latah County's North-South Highway Idaho Poet; Author, Editor, and Printer Spurious Lewis and Clark editions Preparing for Fire Spotting Civilian Conservation Corps at 70 M. Belle Sweet Establishes Special Collections Way Out in Idaho Summer Session - 1928 Henry David Thoreau Manuscript Leaf A Lonely Cabin Packing the Goods General Chrisman, Idaho's Grand Old Man Mining Films Preserved Even More Mining Film Preserved Stanley 'Bow-Wow' Wojtkiewicz More Mining Film Preserved Indian Post Office Dad's Weekend print your own money! Howard Brady Carpenter Happy Homecoming, University of Idaho! Content Warning: Immoderate Germination Happy Halloween! World's Smallest Bilingual Dictionary? Moscow, Idaho in 1886 Scripophily Giving Thanks A Delightful Law to be Broken Mrs. Murphy Same Old Holiday Greetings


Hello Out There Happy National Handwriting Day! A New Social Order? Joe Williams arrangements Idaho - The Live Wire State May I Have This Dance Happy Vandal Friday! The largest map I’ve ever seen Logging Day April 21, 2015 The 1974 World’s Fair in Spokane Idaho's First State Forester Happy National Memo Day! Another Mrs. Murphy Miniature photos of Moscow and the University of Idaho Summertime Fun in North Idaho Summer Jazz - Dizzy Gillespie Happy Independence Day Summertime Medley Jane Jarvis and the music of baseball Summer Samba Summertime jazz fashion? Trumpets in the Garden HB Goldfarb Letters As the Semester Begins ... See that you cultivate 'sticktoitiveness' Random find of the day Vandal Traditions Do we have to live with this? Happy 50th Anniversary, KUID! I-Men, Masters of the West A Thrilling Publication We are not alone Who owns that 'I' Student Special A Student's Reason to be Thankful... Historical Student Clubs - Vandal Flying Club Hello Out There Hell Divers - Historical Student Clubs Chrestomathean Preparatory Debating Society Orchesis at Christmastime


Ring in the New Year with SCA ... - Historical Student Clubs Glee Club on Tour Well Worth While Ladies of WRA - Historical Student Clubs A Liberty Loving Society So many clubs... To the spud and beyond! Happy Valentines Day and looking forward to the upcoming University of Idaho Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival King Spud Just One More Performers from the 1991 Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Jazz and Potatoes welcome Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival participants and spectators! student winners performing at the 2001 Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival performers from the 1980s and 1990s today wraps up another great Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Idaho Day They're everywhere! Spokane Falls in 3D Potato Planters Welcome Spring Potatoes for Dinner City of Rocks Grand Opening! legal potatoes Kids and cows Pass me that potato, Carl Welcome Vandal Moms! Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Happy Poem in your Pocket Day! 127 Years of Trees examining potatoes Happy Friday! Almost there! Baked Potato Final? Halfway there! taking notes Traditions and Rituals Happy Birthday Latah County! eruption of Mt. St. Helens The Arboretum That's a lotta potatoes! The beginning of Special Collections! harvesting potatoes in Teton County University Avenue and Pine Street Famous Potatoes Lewiston, ID and Clarkston, WA Potato Research Viola, ID Spuds for Dinner potato sack race Friendship Square harvesting potatoes in Juliaetta Troy, ID harvesting and hauling potatoes vintage images of dogs University Ave/Campus Walkway Welcome back! Welcome! hydraulic potato bin piler Getting Settled In Football and Potatoes See the Palouse at its best! Potato Empire First Football Team? Vandal Giving Day Vandal Giving Day Have you seen Lionel Hampton's vibraphone? Feeling nostalgic about your time at Idaho? the fair is in town! Little International agricultural show and contest Transport That Spud! Homecoming Adventures Where To Park Your Cow Ghostly Photography A Good Hearty Meal Two Cats and a Tombstone And It's Good! Open House Today Trick or Treat or a Giant Chicken Happy Halloween! Harvest Party Diggin' Up Spuds Honoring our Veterans through Housing Potato Plant Research Neely and Sons cross town bus Don't Forget the Potatoes! too much turkey consumption over the holiday weekend Packing Potatoes Librarian Sass Uh, what? Vandal Ski Team Potato Potential Alternative Modes of Transportation Administration Building Camperdown Elms Engineering Building Life Sciences South Hello Walk Hello Walk Steps


Lionel Hampton Music Building Memorial Gymnasium Spanish-American War Memorial Welcome Back! potatopotuesday returns! Introducing Full Caxton Jacket Idaho Lore No More Boo Boos Caxton collection Grains of Wheat Butterscotch and the Happy Barnyard Coyote Stories Gotta Move Fast Twelve Tales of Two Boys of the Middle Ages Mostly Alkali - A Biography Boise, the Peace Valley Blue Gold - A Romance of the Rockies The Longest Rope Color Our Collections Happy Galentine's Day Mmm, Potatoes Elegant SOUL - The Life and Music of Gene Harris Welcome Ted Gioia Jazz Festival Reception and Trivia Teaching Jazz Exhibits! Ginger Blue Furs to Furrows From Hoopskirts to Nudity Idaho Day Idaho Day They Were Little Once study those potatoes closely! A Child Is Born Tales from the Elves' Forest Hidden Island Whale Hunters Aboard the 'Grey Gold' Bill and the Clown Bird Shaun and Sheila - A Boy and Girl of Ireland The Patent-Leather Thumping Shoes Potato King From the Hid Battlements That Hilarious First Year Welcome UIdaho Bound Students! George D. Snell The Importance of Good Storage Spirit Rocks and Silver Magic Welcome UIdaho Bound! Out in the stacks... Tumbling Potatoes Troopers Three Strange Babies Iheartidaho Potato Mosaic Gringo Doctor Lucile Morris Upton Celebrating Libraries Pekan the Shadow Potato Picture Postcard A Cookbook - the Stag at Ease The Hermaphrodite and Other Poems UI Sneak Peek Mom's Weekend Traditions Broken Fang Happy 100th Birthday, Ella! Lucretia Ann on the Sagebrush Plains Dakota Happy May Day! Specific Gravity of a Spud The Ape I Knew Strange Harvest A Builder of the West last minute studying? Davy 'Potato' Crockett Good luck on your finals, Vandals! throwback Thursday! Governor Dirk Kempthorne Congratulations Vandals! Just a boy, a lamb, and a puppy Pets on Parade Suffolk Sheep sheep in a corral Ms. William Doyle's dog, Meg Main Street Monday Merino Sheep Nell Shipman feeding a bear International Archives Day Lewiston, Idaho Girl with Rabbit Southdown Sheep Genesee, ID Happy First Day of Summer! herding sheep Potlatch, ID puppies at Stonebraker Ranch Rocky Mountain Sheep Enterprise, OR award-winning sheep let's see the toenails Stites, ID Eagles Parade in Wallace, ID feeding a flock of Columbia sheep Culdesac, ID John Roland and dog sitting in a forest practice makes perfect for this 4-H student! Harvard, ID Doctor Gritman and his bird dog sheep in a pasture Kendrick, ID pet llamas St. John Sheep Club Cover to Cover Juliaetta, ID Happy National Book Lovers Day! Gladys Hampton holding a leopard cub sheep grazing in a meadow Deary, ID Sir Walter Scott Experimenting with Artificial Eclipses Finding Your Spot Empire the Vandal Dog! Remembering Governor Andrus Moscow, ID Remembering Lionel Hampton Victoria (Vicki) E. Mitchell Science Fiction Collection Before Game of Thrones there was Fevre Dream Live Long and Stay Healthy Sheep-a-week! James Fenimore Cooper Bride of the Rat God The Flying Eyes UI President Upham inspecting lambs The Platypus of Doom - and Other Nihilists It's Banned and Challenged Books Week! Banned Books Week sheep grazing on a steep hillside Happy National Coffee Day! The Universe Against Her (a.k.a. that Monday feeling) Vandal Traditions Homecoming festivities Homecoming - serpentine and bonfire Happy Anniversary UI Library! Happy Anniversary UI Library National Cookbook Month Happy Dictionary Day! Borah Symposium 2017 things are getting pretty spooky UI Library newspaper section Salome Happy Birthday U of I Library! Cats in Space! Sci Fi Skeletons UI Library Map Room Welcome UI Dads! Halloweekend Archive Frights Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween, Nevermore! National Authors Day Special Collections Reading Room More Cats in Space! To Honor Those Who Served Letters from A Sailor Dwellers of the Deep Scifidaho Thanksgiving break Happy Thanksgiving #GivingTuesday favorite Vintage UI Football cover a boy and his sheep Leonard Nimoy’s Poems don't despair, Vandals! What were people reading during the holidays of 1916? Kodak Verifax Book Copying Unit Novels of the Sisters Bronte winter wonderland Happy Holidays The Keepsake of Friendship Cover to Cover


Isaac Asimov Artifact Fun Entomology Club The Vandal Nation featuring A Blast from Vandal Past The Hell Divers Burns Night Celebrating Ursula Le Guin The Vandal Flying Club Drafting That Perfect Missive to Your Sweetheart Jerry Kramer Philharmonic Club Mortar Board Permeal French House aka Farm House KUOI Lord Byron's Poetic Works Jazz Fest is just a week away! happy birthday to Nancy Wilson! Jazz Fest workshops Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Exhibits University Search and Rescue P is for Potato Place the Headstones Where They Belong Idaho Day! Jean'ne Shreeve International Women's Day - M. Belle Sweet Permeal J. French - Dean of Women Students Pi Day Celebration women's basketball North American Wildflowers National Ag Day Jimminy Crickets Batter Up! Mine to Mine Mine to Mine - Bunker Hill Coeur d'Alene Mining & Smelting Company Introducing Mr. Idaho Potato Library Staff Through The Ages The Beginning of a Mine - Dayrock Mining Company Potlatch Baseball Potato Packaging Production Milking It From Princesses to Wobblies and All the Junk in Between Giving Is No Small Potatoes Library Giving Day Gold Hunter Mines Mother Goose Day Brotherly Potatoes Commencement 2018 Happy Birthday Latah County, Idaho Nellie Stockbridge Humming Bird and Hercules Kooskia Internment Camp To the spud and beyond! The largest map I’ve ever seen Content Warning: Immoderate Germination advertising for genuine Idaho potatoes Cover to Cover going outdoors this rainy weekend? Imperial Mining Company Potato Popper Laclede Mining Company Stars and Stripes Donate Blood! calling from afar Idaho State Department of Commerce and Development promotional brochure Cryptic Mining Summer! Octavia E. Butler Musselshell Mining Company technological potatoes Yosemite Falls Farewell Dean Baird! National Copper Mining Company Happy Birthday, Idaho Happy Independence Day Argonaut Student Staff genuine Idaho potatoes Option Mining Company Stay Cool, Vandals! Potosi Placers Insist on Genuine Idaho American Woods Ray-Jefferson Mining Company College of Mines students goodbye to our intrepid leader, Erin Stoddart Sunset Mercantile Company Congratulations, Jerry Kramer Rush recruitment Bountiful Yield Rush On! Welcome Vandals! The Great Fire of 1910 Vandal Volleyball! National Bow Tie Day Remembering Aretha Franklin Go Vandals! Happy Labor Day Go Vandals! Pirated Books Banned Books Week Student Surveyors Potato Fields Fair Season The Tiger Hotel Halloween Ice Cream Go Vandals! Attention, Class! WWI Speaker Radioactive Trees Librarians are students, too! Welcome home, Vandals! Serpentine time Friday! Give, Vandals, Give! Homecoming Week Traditions, Vandals! Parade Time, Vandals! As We Were, As We Are Quarantine Cake Presentation Today! Happy National Cat Day Happy Halloween Halloween costume ideas No Shave November Every Vote Counts! take care of your teeth! Remembering World War I No Shave November Honoring Our Veterans - Elizabeth Allen Stan Lee (1922-2018) who loves Idaho potatoes? I do! anyone going skiing? Mashed Potatoes Thanksgiving Happy National Cookie Day President George H.W. Bush try to have some fun! Congratulations, Graduates you can do it! need holiday gift ideas? All is bright, Vandals! Potato Pixie winter solstice Happy Winter Solstice, Vandals! Special Collections has gone skiing! winter lights how do you celebrate the holidays? Happiest of holidays, Vandals peaceful valleys and jagged mountains Baron Lake and Monte Verita (Mt. of Truth) Stanley Basin White Bird Hill Syringa - Idaho state flower


Happy New Years Welcome to Mountainous Monday King of the Vibes Who Governs Hovercraft? Moo to you, Vandals! Here's to the Band - The Jazz Legacy of Lionel Hampton Hang on to your hats, Vandals! And the Nominations Are In! Teton Mountains It's Founder's Day, Vandals! 1889-2019, Vandals 130 years ago, Vandals... Remembering Thomas 'Doc' Bitterwolf Celebrating Langston Hughes Riggins wilderness Little on Display National Periodic Table Day hidden library sign Twain's Literary Love A Philosophy of Love One Pound of Love ASUI-Kibbie Activity Center Welcome Jazz Musicians What A Jazz Fest! record-breaking snow Happy Idaho Day! International Women's Day - Betsy Thomas Happy International Women's Day Idaho Club Women exhibit Have a Bit of Fun Board By It All North Fork of the Clearwater River Archives Artifacts - zinc paperweights Castle Peak Public Libraries! Idaho Booker's Dozen Historic Libraries National Pet Day One More Library Lady Ella Gazing at Mountains Merry May, Campus Day A Sentimental Day daffodils summertime mountains and lakes Lewis and Clark, Botanists 4-H exhibit Yellow Crown Imperial Teton Mountains Syringa - Idaho's State Flower Freezeout Hill Stereoscopes, Oh My! MosCon Revival, This Week! Kyle Laughlin - flower photographer summer campus flowers Tasty Trout Happy Fourth! thought they were stars, turns out there are pine cones Stonewall book display Mildred Edith Burlingame Summertime is construction time! Lava Hot Springs Flowers We Went to the Moon in 1969, not 1968...a Year Later Apollo 11 moon time Apollo 11 patches Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to Apollo 11 splash landing! Philatelic Flowers Potato (the best vegetable) Stranger Archives Western White Trillium Bloom Potatoes - A Way of Life Safety First! It's Not That Easy Fascinating Flowers Welcome to Mining Monday! A Book's Nature Potato Commentary Sisterhood Orchestrating Orchids Extraction Aviation or Photography? the biggest fish I ever caught... Fraternity Recruitment Tropical Plants and Where to Find Them Milling Inside the Cover: Hetch Hetchy Valley Wonderful Watercolors Smelting Welcome to Special Collections! Echinacea or Rudbeckia? That Is The Question! Automation Inside the Cover: Covering Ground What do mines look like from the outside? Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall Abandoned Mines Inside the Cover: Not Paper Mini Golf in the Library Environmental Impacts Why care about mining in 2019? Artist Talk and More ... Peter and Donna Thomas A Century of Marching Welcome to Logging Lessons! Let the Festivities Begin! On Display! Serpentine Fun! Felling Trees Inside the Cover: The Alder Horses National Cat Day 2019 Matthew Hopkins Witchfinder General Steam Donkey Engines Inside the Cover: Piute Creek Welcome to Funny Friday! Jammers Happy Armis...Veterans Day! Happy Anniversary Glad-Hamp! Poking Fun at Customers Crawlers Inside the Cover: Paper from Plants New Sick Leave Policy from Uncle Sam Water Trains Inside the Cover - Broadsides The Boss The Final Product Fire Dispatcher's Prayer Series End In Memoriam 2019 America the What? 13 Days of Winter Break 13 Days of Winter Break - Day 2 13 Days of Winter Break - Day 3 13 Days of Winter Break - Day 4 13 Days of Winter Break - Day 5 13 Days of Winter Break - Day 6 13 Days of Winter Break - Day 7 13 Days of Winter Break - Day 8 13 Days of Winter Break - Day 9 13 Days of Winter Break - Day 10 13 Days of Winter Break - Day 11 13 Days of Winter Break - Day 12


13 Days of Winter Break - Day 13 9 Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself with Humor! Oh Dam! It may seem early, but... Humor Mottos Oh Dam! it's Dworshak Dam On Display - Voices of Jazz Humor and Horror On Display - The Great Performer Happy Funny Friday! site preparation ... Oh Dam! Postcard from the Rockies Jennie Eva Hughes Oh Dam! it's Lucky Peak Dam canal lining and construction ... Oh Dam! On Display - Jazz Women The Dr. Laurence Peter Competency Analysis Who Wore It Wednesday Conte Candoli Questionable Clip Art Oh Dam! it's Ice Harbor Lock and Dam Jazz Fest 2020 Is Here! Welcome Back, Joshua Redman! turbines and generators ... Oh Dam! Welcome back to Funny Friday! powerhouse construction...Oh Dam! Oh Dam! it's John Day Lock and Dam Grand Coulee Dam and irrigation ... Oh Dam! Oh Dam! ... it's the Lower Granite Lock and Dam employee housing ... Oh Dam! Oh Dam! ... it's Little Goose Lock and Dam A Wonderful Discovery 1918 Flu Pandemic Collection Oh Dam! series wrap Happy Birthday Hamp! Welcome to Women's Recreation Wednesday! The Hairy Ape Badminton Basketball Bowling Dance Fencing Field Hockey Golf May Day Physical Education Classes Social Distancing from the 1930s ROTC and Rifle Team 130th anniversary of Idaho's statehood Softball Swimming Tennis Track and Field Did You Miss Us? Volleyball 75 Years, Remembering the Hiroshima Bombing Winter Sports Don't Forget Your Mask Did ewe know? 100 Years of Women's Suffrage Where's King Spud? Remembering Vandal Cadets on Veterans Day What's Bugging You Welcome to Wilderness Wednesday! Art and Architecture South Inside the Cover - Pledge to the Wind University of Idaho Library Boise Interurban University of Idaho Seal Bitterroot National Forest All Girl Band Moscow, Idaho There are three kinds of people... winter travel in Idaho Boise National Forest Douglas Fir Tussock Moths Creatures Great and Small Lava flows you can see from space?! Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests


Opening the Door to a New Year Frank B. Robinson and Psychiana Payette National Forest Idaho Stunts at WSC Garden of Paradise President Theodore Roosevelt in Idaho S-Bridge Trainwreck Happy 132nd Birthday to the University of Idaho! W.C. Handy letter Lodgepole Pine Moth Trailer Village A Discolored Adventure Minidoka Letter Not of Noble Birth: The Triumph of Jennie Hughes Smith Moving Forward While Looking Back Women's History Month Exhibit Gymnasium and Library Idaho Trout Steamboat a'Coming Fishing on the Banks of the Snake Idaho Black History Museum Newsletters Your Fallout Shelter Reading List QED Duke Silver joins Special Collections on April 1st! For All The World To See - Visual Culture and the Struggle for Civil Rights exhibit Japanese-Americans in the Pacific Northwest - A Bibliography Encrypted Telegrams Voces Hispanas - Hispanic Voices of Idaho Indian Hunting and Fishing Rights The Women's Caucus Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month display Beyond a Book: A New Artist Book Display Blacks in Idaho's White Press, 1863-1916 A Fair Market Bannock War Correspondence Rei Kihara Osaki Unrolling in the Deep Japanese American Contributions to Idaho's Economic Development reimagining the Library website Living Treasures - Hispanic Artisans & Traditionalists of the Snake River Valley Grace Fenton Sunshine Mining Company annual reports Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission Lily Wai Mortar Board Idaho Test Oath Pride Month Display Idaho Ebony - The Afro-American Presence in Idaho State History Manuscript Bible Verses in Nez Perce Other Faces, Other Lives - Asian Americans in Idaho History of Gambling in Idaho Asian American Comparative Collection newsletter The Hispanic Profile Data Book for Idaho Atlases on 4th Glossary of Quechua, Spanish, and English Languages WWII Medals Private Aaron R. Gould Local Issues Tackled by the League of Women Voters of Moscow Erin Geslani - 2021 Strong Fellow! Independence Day in Idaho Corlann Gee Bush Papers Black Pioneers - Images of the Black Experience on the North American Frontier Snakes of Idaho on Display Samuel Chan Papers Folder Support Metadata Cleanup Center for Native American Development Records It's Basic, Sebacic Lillie Mae Hermann Papers Chinese on the American Frontier Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs Management Report Register of Indigenous People at the Nez Perce Agency The Card Catalogue Epilogue Gracie (Bowers) Pfost Papers Mountain Pine Beetle Kooskia Internment Camp Scrapbook Report on the Governor's Hispanic Initiative U of I Hauntings Shitamae Family Letters Norma Dobler Papers Honoring Our Veterans River History of Nez Perce County All About Turkeys Hispanic Youth Dropout Prevention Fossils Close to Home Santa Mouse Narrow Burke, Idaho


The Gem State First and Last - George L. Shoup Raycide Mosher's Civil War Letters Moscow Meals on Wheels Willy M. Iritani Celebrating 50 Years of the Black Student Union Gertrude Chrisman Dance Your Heart Out Jazz Fest 2022 Athena Louise Shadduck Martha Jane Whitman Seven Women, Seven Stars Mount Rainier National Park Jack and Mildred Hayden Shoshone County Flood Control Project Discover the Naturalist Within The Olmsted Bicentennial Mountain Men Dianne S. Milhollin Majestic Idaho Irving H. Rauw Bessie Olmstead Storms Lewiston Hereford Association Daughters of the American Revolution Hell of a Good Crew World Watercolor Month Preserving the Past Warren H. Bolles Unpublished No More Charles Luther Kirtley Nurse Edna Peterson Art in the Archives Why Women in Natural Resources? Who Were the Women in WiNR? Intramural Sports at U of I Creepy, Crawly, Sci-Fi Instant Potato Flakes Marie Whitesel Relatable Dog Pictures Stay Warm Out There


Brave and Bold Vandal Women The University of Idaho Starburst Noted Educator Aurelia Henry Reinhardt Flora of Idaho and Washington Silkscreen Prints of Downtown Moscow Margaret McCallie Moore, Early Student and U of I Benefactor Mining Stocks and Idaho History Remarkable Jazzwomen at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Clear Ether All Rights to the Contributors The Talisman House The Kiva in the Sky Dirty Jobs No Time Outs Capturing Moments in Time KUID Policeman, Unofficial Public Relations Man, Amateur Student Advisor Keith Wilson CCC in Idaho Special Visit to Special Collections Daniel Olortegui Vargas National Oldtime Fiddlers' Contest A Balanced Approach 2023 Borah Symposium Spook-tacular Archives A Good Snapshot Par for the Course Reflecting on Veterans Day & Native American Heritage Month George Cap Horton Happy Thanksgiving Moscow Renaissance Fair Queens of Torts Uncovering Local History in a University Archive The Fabulous Fib John Lorenzo Aram


Travels with the Civilian Conservation Corps Got Milk? Moscow Food Co-Op Happy Birthday to the University of Idaho! Steel House - Stronger Than Mere Bricks and Mortar Anthropology Day Remember Me and Write... Idaho’s Senate Bean Soup Nell Shipman's Grubstake Check It Out--The Main Street Video Co-op Digital Collection Unconventional Tunes Dazzling Artifact from the University of Idaho's Past Hats Off to Our Graduates! Alice Coltrane, Jazz Spiritualism Senator James McClure Collection Latah County Historic Places Fourteen Books of Accessions ChatcoLab - Learning leadership through recreation North Idaho Cultural Heritage Institutions Survey Let Us Read, Let Us Dance