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Philatelic Flowers

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Series: Flowery Friday

This week several of us in the University of Idaho Special Collections and Archives have been rehousing some materials from Herman Ronnenberg, a beer enthusiast from Troy, ID. It is not uncommon to come across correspondence when going through materials, but we found the perfect addition for Flowery Friday on this manila envelope.

Envelope stamps [1]
Envelope stamps [1]
Envelope stamps [2]
Envelope stamps [2]

The collection and study of stamps is called philately. Topical philately is when one collects or studies of what is depicted on individual stamps, such as birds, ships, poets, maps, and even flowers. If you have been to the post office recently, they often have some series of topical stamps for you to choose from.

We cannot know if Cornett, the one who sent this envelope to Ronnenberg, partook in philately, but it does appear his postage is a floral array.


MG 472, Herman W. Ronnenberg Papers, 1811-2014

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