Raycide Mosher's Civil War Letters

On this day in 1864, 24 year old Raycide Mosher wrote a letter to his parents from the Union Army barracks in Detroit, Michigan. Mosher enlisted in company A, 1st Regiment of Michigan Engineers and Mechanics on December 14, 1863. He signed up for three years of service, and would... [Read More]

First and Last - George L. Shoup

portrait of George Laird Shoup
George Laird Shoup was the twelfth and last territorial governor (1889-1890) and first state governor (1 October 1890 - 18 December 1890) of Idaho. He resigned from the position as Idaho state governor when he was elected to the United States Senate on 18 December 1890. He served in the... [Read More]

Santa Mouse

Sketch of Santa Mouse [1]
Going into this holiday season and as the semester ends, the University of Idaho Special Collections and Archives has been working hard on several projects to be completed early in the new year. Our student workers are also hard at work finishing up their classes, preparing for finals and graduation,... [Read More]

Fossils Close to Home

Specimen Examples
Fossils are found all over the world, including the state of Idaho. Here the specimens collected are typically from the late Pliocene (5.4-2.4 million years ago) and Pleistocene (the Ice Age). Examples of this can be seen at the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument in Hagerman, Idaho. This historic area... [Read More]

Honoring Our Veterans

Radio shop, radio material laboratory, Naval Radio Training School, University of Idaho.
This year, Special Collections is working with the Department of Military and Veterans Services to put together an exhibit in support of the Veterans Day Appreciation Dinner held in the International Ballroom of the Bruce M. Pitman Center. This post highlights some of the materials on display. [Read More]