Garden of Paradise

Digital Memories

Garden of Paradise Cover
The tropical paradise pictured on this sheet music cover is part of the tangled history of the University of Idaho’s alma mater and the state song of Idaho. The music for this popular song was adapted by Alice Bessee to fit words by McKinley Helm, both University of Idaho students,... [Read More]

Idaho Stunts at WSC

Digital Memories

Idaho Stunt at Harvard Yell Contest at football game [04]
Pep rallies and half-time events have a long tradition on the university campus; one of the earlier manifestations was the Harvard Yell Contest. In 1919, the Harvard Clubs of the University of Idaho and nearby Washington State College jointly offered a prize to the school “showing superior sportsmanship and entertainment... [Read More]

Opening the Door to a New Year

Morrill Hall, University of Idaho. From Administration entryway #2. [66-12]
Who’s ready to close the door on 2020? We are, that’s for sure! We hope these images of doors and entranceways on the University of Idaho campus help you to symbolically prepare for the exciting new potential of welcoming in a new year as we prepare to walk out into... [Read More]

Creatures Great and Small

Cattle grazing
For this holiday edition of What’s Bugging You, we’re focusing on some of the larger critters and creatures sharing space in our forests. Some of the damage porcupines, bears and cows cause to trees can be found on this page of a Forest Research Photo Album found in our Potlatch... [Read More]