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Orchestrating Orchids

Book of Plates of the Genus Orchis [1]
These captivating Flowery Friday orchids are from Erich Nelson, Book of Plates of the Genus Orchis. Erich Nelson was a German artist, designer, and botanist. His illustrations have a insurmountable amount of detail which contributed greatly to the understanding of orchids. Throughout his life he completed several volumes of illustrations.1... [Read More]
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Fascinating Flowers

Woman in greenhouse
Sometimes we get reference requests. Sometimes we can’t find what someone is looking for. Sometimes we discover incredible flowers we didn’t know could exist. Happy Flowery Friday [Read More]
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Western White Trillium Bloom

Trillium bloom
Today’s Flowery Friday is a single trillium bloom. The western white trillium is the most widespread trillium in the western states, it can be found from the Pacific Northwest, into California, and inland to Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. [Read More]
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Philatelic Flowers

Envelope stamps [2]
This week several of us in the University of Idaho Special Collections and Archives have been rehousing some materials from Herman Ronnenberg, a beer enthusiast from Troy, ID. It is not uncommon to come across correspondence when going through materials, but we found the perfect addition for Flowery Friday on... [Read More]
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Mildred Edith Burlingame

Wildflower [1]
These amateur Flowery Friday photographs were taken by Mildred Edith Burlingame. Mildred was an associate professor of psychology at the University of Idaho from 1942 to 1969. Her hobbies included gardening and photography, which explains the large number of slides in her papers, many of which include wildflowers. The above... [Read More]

Kyle Laughlin - flower photographer

Columbine flower
This Flowery Friday is brought to you from the Kyle Laughlin Photograph Collection. Kyle Lauglin was a long time resident and business owner of Moscow, ID. As a resident of Moscow, he and his wife had several business ventures, including photography. Even after he closed his photography business, Laughlin continued... [Read More]

Stereoscopes, Oh My!

Stereoscope and slides
These stereoscope and slides belonged to Olaf P. Larson. Larson was a Norwegian immigrant who came to the US in 1884, moving to Moscow, ID by the mid-1890s. He established himself as a photographer and produced stereographs. Stereoscopic slides depict two images, a left-eye and right-eye view of an image,... [Read More]

Syringa - Idaho's State Flower

Syringa flowers
Officially designated Idaho’s state flower in 1931, Syringa (philadelphus lewisii) has been the floral choice of Idaho since at least the 1890′s, when it was depicted in the state seal. These little white flowers are known for their strong, sweet fragrance, nicknamed “mock orange” because of the similar scent of... [Read More]
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Yellow Crown Imperial

Yellow Crown Imperial flower
A few weeks ago, we took a walk around town and saw a new flower (for us at least). This Yellow Crown Imperial stands 2-3 feet tall with the yellow blooms pointing down. Crown Imperials are native around Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, they are often cultivated as an... [Read More]


Daffodil [1]
Over the last few weeks, we have noticed the flowering of many beautiful spring and summer flowers. So, we thought we would start off the summer sessions with a new series. Every Flowery Friday we will be posting content related flowers from our collections (or walks around the neighborhood). [Read More]
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