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Lava Hot Springs Flowers

Series: Flowery Friday

This Flowery Friday takes us down to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. This postcard depicts a lovely garden, and reads:

“One of the many State Foundation flower gardens where visitors rest, relax and enjoy the fragrant colorful flowers, shrubs, velvet green lawns and shade, and listen to the chatter of the tumbling waters of the famous fishing stream, the Portneuf River, rushing by or the U.P. Streamliner whizzing along and the Bear Lake Stages unloading its many passengers. A real convalescing and restful paradise located on Hi-way 30N and the main line of the U.P.P.R. Write Lava Hot Springs Foundation for further information.”

Floating Bridge, Seattle, Washington
Floating Bridge, Seattle, Washington

If you haven’t ever traversed Lava Hot Springs, maybe this historic postcard will convince you.


Photo courtesy of the Northwest Historical Postcard Collection, PG 9-7-3b

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