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We Went to the Moon in 1969, not 1968...a Year Later

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On this day in 1969, man first walked on the moon. Fifty years later we are still fascinated with this great scientific feat. Prior to the moon landing, there was much planning and speculation. This image of the moon landing is an artist’s rendering, it was sent out to the press several days before the Apollo 11 launch and was featured in newspapers.

Apollo 11 moon landing artwork
Apollo 11 moon landing artwork

In preparation for the mission, NASA also released information about the tools and equipment the astronauts would be utilizing on their mission. The document below outlines the use of the Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly, or MESA. The MESA was a large pallet on their spacecraft which held batteries, life-support back-packs, and a television camera which transmitted live pictures from the Moon to Earth, tools for gather samples, and more.

The PDF is not rendering in your browser. Please use the link below to download the PDF.

Apollo 11 press release [1]

Only a handful of people have set foot on the moon with the first being Neil Armstrong, followed by Buzz Aldrin. The memory of this historic moment still inspires so many to reach for the stars, or even the moon.


Photos courtesy of the Denault Space Program papers, MG 111

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