Preservation Practices

A series featuring the archival practices used to preserve our unique materials.

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Unpublished No More

For many collections processed before the days of the internet, there may have been a finding aid available as a paper copy accessible only by visiting the archive. Many collection inventories were retroactively added to online repositories or in other various locations and formats online throughout the years, or just... [Read More]

The Card Catalogue Epilogue

Card Catalogue
In days of library past, before the age of computers, libraries housed information about their holdings in a card catalogue. These large wooden boxes with a million tiny drawers, held information about books, photograph, maps, and more. They could tell you the title, the author, the year of publication, their... [Read More]

It's Basic, Sebacic

Sebacic Acid Residue [3]
Over the last year, Special Collections staff has embarked on a massive shifting project. Prompted by a desire to utilize our space more efficiently, and make more space for incoming materials, we began shifting our largest book collection, the Day-Northwest Book Collection. Consisting of over 24,400 individual titles, it took... [Read More]

Unrolling in the Deep

Humidification Chamber
Last week was National Preservation Week where libraries and archives promote the importance of preservation work and often share resources on how to preserve various materials. As is often the case, we got caught up with other projects and reference and just the day to day distractions of archival work,... [Read More]