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Welcome back to Funny Friday!

Letter from boy to grandpa
Welcome back to Funny Friday! This letter written by a young boy, George, to his Grandpa, with the help of his Mother, Inga, caught our attention when George asks “Did you have a nice trip to Moscow? We are hoping you won’t do anything really bad so you’ll have to... [Read More]
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Potato (the best vegetable)

Oversized potato postcard [3]
Today, we have some fun health facts for you courtesy of the Idaho Potato Museum! Did you know that potatoes are roughly 80% water? Or that a cooked 8-ounce potato only contains 100 calories? How about the fact that potatoes are naturally 99.9% fat free?1 Just a few reasons why... [Read More]
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Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to

Oversized potato postcard [1]
Today’s post features a humorous postcard from the 1980s. Although Idaho doesn’t actually grow gigantic potatoes (sadly), it does produce about 13 billion pounds of potatoes each year, supplying roughly one-third of the United States potato crop! We love potatoes so much that Idaho even has a Potato Museum! [Read More]
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