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Welcome back to Funny Friday!

letter from young boy (George) to his Grandpa
Welcome back to Funny Friday! This letter written by a young boy, George, to his Grandpa, with the help of his Mother, Inga, caught our attention when George asks “Did you have a nice trip to Moscow? We are hoping you won’t do anything really bad so you’ll have to... [Read More]
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Potato (the best vegetable)

humorous postcard of an oversized potato
Today, we have some fun health facts for you courtesy of the Idaho Potato Museum! Did you know that potatoes are roughly 80% water? Or that a cooked 8-ounce potato only contains 100 calories? How about the fact that potatoes are naturally 99.9% fat free?1 Just a few reasons why... [Read More]
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Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to

humorous postcard of an oversized potato
Today’s post features a humorous postcard from the 1980s. Although Idaho doesn’t actually grow gigantic potatoes (sadly), it does produce about 13 billion pounds of potatoes each year, supplying roughly one-third of the United States potato crop! We love potatoes so much that Idaho even has a Potato Museum! [Read More]
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