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Welcome to Funny Friday!

Funny Friday

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Series: Funny Friday

Welcome to our latest series, Funny Friday! Each Friday, we’ll try to supply our followers with humorous materials we’ve stumbled upon in the archives.

Rush Job Calendar
Rush Job Calendar
  1. Every job is in a rush. Everyone wants his job yesterday; with this calendar a customer can order his work on the 7th and have it delivered on the 3rd!!

  2. All customers want their jobs on Friday…so there are two Fridays each week.

  3. There are seven extra days at the end of the month for those end-of-the-month jobs.

  4. There will be no first of the month bills to be paid, as there isn’t any “first.” The “tenth” and “twenty-fifth” have been omitted also - in case you have been asked to pay on one of these days.

  5. There are no bothersome nonproductive Saturdays and Sundays.

  6. There’s a new day each week called “Negotiation Day.”


Photo courtesy of Folder 2, MG 478, Tom Kovalicky Papers, 1965-2005

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