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Inside the Cover: Covering Ground

In 2002, Donna Thomas hiked the John Muir Trail with Katy McLaughlin. At points throughout the journey, family and friends joined in the adventure. The completion of the journey ultimately brought the world Covering Ground. The subject of this weeks #floweryfriday.


While hiking along the John Muir Trail, Donna Thomas created illustrations of what she saw. Images of mountains, waterfalls, and lakes grace the pages of this book, but we will be showing the many flowers she encountered on her way.


Donna also includes thoughts and poetry of the hikers within the pages of this book. Marveling at the nature, the experience, and looking forward to the adventure ahead. 


"Thousand Island Lake
springtime flowers
packs dropped in trail
Katy flipping pages
in field guide book
Donna on her knees
hunched over gently examining
quick exchange of scientific terms...
                                                   - Julie"


"Pregnant moon
nestled in the crook
of cedar’s arm
is my sunset companion
vanished behind quarter dome
illumination dances
and lights
the tarnished granite.
                              - Katy"


"John Muir Trail hikers are a
crazy breed of people who turn 
adversity into stories.
                                             - Peter"


Covering Ground includes contributed text by the hikers, paper made by Peter (with inclusions of the shirts Katy and Donna wore on the trail), and illustrations painted by Donna on her adventure. There are 25 copies of this book, but the experience of making it was surely once in a life time.  

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