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Moscow, Idaho

Then and Now

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2nd Street, looking East from Main Street, Moscow, Idaho, 1896 and today. The prominent building on the corner is part of what was originally known as the Browne Block. Built by Robert S. Browne, this was comprised of two buildings on the Southern half of the block on Main Street between 1st and 2nd Streets. Browne designated the corner building as the Moscow National Bank, which he also founded. The Moscow National Bank was in business only from 1891 to 1897. Browne left Moscow shortly after the failure of his bank. Banking continued in this building when it became the Moscow State Bank, which existed until the Great Depression.  In 1936, after a couple of years of vacancy, the building was re-branded as the Latah County Title Company which still occupies the location today.

Looking east at Second Street from Main Street in Moscow
Looking east at Second Street from Main Street in Moscow
Main Street Moscow [1]
Main Street Moscow [1]


A Great Good Country, Lillian W. Otness

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