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Japanese-Americans in the Pacific Northwest - A Bibliography

Diverse Collections

This week’s edition of Diverse Collections features a bibliography prepared by the Staff of the Tacoma Public Library from materials found in the collections of the Library.

Japanese-Americans in the Pacific Northwest
Japanese-Americans in the Pacific Northwest

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Japanese-Americans in the Pacific Northwest


“As more interest is being expressed in areas of ethnic study it becomes the purpose of the library to assemble its materials in such a way that will make them more easily available for possible use. One standard form of fulfilling this need for availability is to provide printed lists of materials.

Since the Tacoma Public Library has been in existence for many years and has extensive collections in many areas it becomes necessary to locate, describe, and make available what is needed.

To fulfill the aims of this bibliography several areas in the library collections were searched. First, and perhaps most importantly the general collection of the library was searched for items of interest. This was done through the Card Catalog and can be duplicated by almost anyone. Next, since the Tacoma Public Library is a documents depository it seemed appropriate to search the government document collection. A relatively large amount of War Relocation Authority material was found there and is listed although in some cases items cited are outside the precise realm of the list. Another interesting source has been the pamphlet collection. Herein were found a large number of Anti-Japanese pamphlets published in the 1930s. There were also scrap-books of local Anti-Japanese activities. There proved to be valuable additions. Search was made in the standard periodical indexes for items of Northwest interest. (?) were the related but lengthly references to Anti-Japanese activities in California and elsewhere.

It was decided that a number of these scattered sources would be gathered together. These were put in standard manuscript boxes and will become part of the manuscript collection.

The library recently acquired the photographic collections of two local commercial photographers, Mr. Marvin D. Boland and Mr. Chapin Bowen. In the course of their work these men photographed a number of local Japanese-American activities between World War I and World War II. Mr. Thomas Mooney of Fort Steilacoom Community College has expressed interest in the collection and is working to further make Japanese-American materials available to the scholarly community as is Mrs. Lorraine Hildebrand of the Tacoma Community College.

As usual the Staff of the Tacoma Public Library is to be commended for their continued efforts in furthering these projects of bibliographies and lists. Miss Mary Frances Borden, Library Director has expressed her interest and continued support.

Gary Fuller Reese, 2 Agusut (sic) 1971.”


Day-NW F855.2.J3 Z98 1971

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