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Laclede Mining Company

Mine to Mine

Series: Mine to Mine

The Laclede Mining Company was an ambitious endeavor that unfortunately netted very little profits. The property, consisting of 4 lode claims, was extensively developed between 1903 and the fall of 1916 or spring of 1917 but no commercial ore was found and the mine was shut down. Reorganizations of the company increased the amount of stocks sold, yet no improvements were made to the property. By 1938, the Hercules Mining Company, the largest individual stockholder, bought out the Laclede entirely.

Laclede Mine, Burke (Idaho), 1908 [01]
Laclede Mine, Burke (Idaho), 1908 [01]


Barnard-Stockbridge Photograph Collection, PG 8-x263a, group of people in front of Laclede Mine, 1908

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