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Potosi Placers

Tags: mining gold

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Drillers Field Log
Potosi Placers
Potosi Placers

Potosi Placers, a short-lived partnership between Henry Day and L.J. Burrows, involved developing placer mines to extract gold in the Potosi and Pony Gulches in the Beaver Mining District near Dixie, Idaho. While the records of the Potosi Placers collection span the years 1935 to 1941, the partnership only lasted from August to September of 1936. Dixie is located in Idaho County, east-northeast of Riggings, ID. Gold had been discovered in the region and actively mined since 1861.


MG 302: folder 3, Drillers Field Log, September 7, 1936; folder 10, undated, unlabeled photo.

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