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Sir Walter Scott

Series: Cover to Cover

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) was an historical novelist, playwright, poet, and politically active proud son of Scotland. Scott is the author of Rob Roy, Ivanhoe, and Waverly as well as the poem The Lady of the Lake among other literary classics. In an 1832 publication of letters written by Scott to Rev. R. Polwhele concerning a move of residence Scott wrote "I leave to my better half the care of furniture and china, yet there are such things as books and papers, not to mention broad swords, targets, battle-axes and helmuts, guns, pistols and dirks the care of which devolved upon me…" This first edition volume of letters is one of over 1200 books either written by or about Sir Walter Scott in Special Collections. The Scott collection was started in 1962 with a donation of first editions from Earl Larrison, a professor of Zoology at the University of Idaho. This oil painting of Sir Walter Scott was commissioned by Dr. Larrison , painted by artist Gregory A. Pole and donated to Special Collections.


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