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Blacks in Idaho's White Press, 1863-1916

Diverse Collections

This week’s edition of Diverse Collections features the book, Blacks in Idaho’s White Press, 1863 to 1916 by Dr. Mamie O. Oliver.

Dr. Oliver (Ph.D. Education, Washington State University) was the first Black professor at Boise State University and taught courses in social work, sociology, and education.1 After moving to Boise from Mississippi, her and her husband Henry Lincoln Oliver immediately sought to “document the history of Black Idaho. She enlisted her Boise State students in this work, gathering census data and other historic records.”2 A few of her most well-known publications include Blacks in Idaho’s White Press and Idaho Ebony: The Afro-American Presence in Idaho State History.

Dr. Oliver also taught at Rhode Island College and Northwest Nazarene College, and became an ordained minister at Mountain View Community Fellowship. For more information about Dr. Oliver, see the Boise State University news article about her!

"Blacks in Idaho's White Press, 1863 to 1916"
"Blacks in Idaho's White Press, 1863 to 1916"


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