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Hello Out There


In 1923, 92 years ago, University of Idaho sent out its first radio broadcast of students singing Christmas Carols, heard as far away as Chicago, a distance of almost 1500 miles.  That Spring semester, the station became designated as KFAN, broadcasting programs, lectures, recitals, concerts, band and orchestra music, and reports of the games over a wireless network. 

By 1945, the radio program again gains interest with the University, and new campus radio station, KUOI, is formed.

Today, KUOI continues to operate as a student-run radio station, now broadcasting over multiple mediums. 

Clippings from University of Idaho Student Newspaper The Argonaut

Photo: PG11-R7, Roy A. Bell Collection

KUOI Brochure, Campus Life and Culture Vertical File

I am re-posting this in honor of KUOI’s 70th anniversary being celebrated today.  For more information about the festivities, please visit

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