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Idaho Day

The 2014 Idaho Legislative Session established an official IDAHO DAY to be observed each year on March 4th to commemorate the creation of Idaho by President Abraham Lincoln on that day in 1863. It will be a day where state and local agencies, historical societies, schools, Indian tribes, civic groups, chambers of commerce, clubs, the media, and Idaho citizens in general can celebrate and educate about Idaho, her culture, her history, her diversity, her beauty, her resources, and her greatness. The 2017 theme is “Idaho the Beautiful.” For the University of Idaho Library Special Collections contribution, we are posting postcard images of the beautiful Palouse, with its rolling wheat fields and surrounding gentle mountains.

Idaho Day; “Picturesque Palouse” by photographer Hendrik Juve, PG 9-16-02a, Northwest Historical Postcard Collection, Digital Initiatives, University of Idaho Library.

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