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Humming Bird and Hercules

Series: Mine to Mine
Humming Bird Mining Company
Humming Bird Mining Company
Hercules Mine
Hercules Mine

The Humming Bird Mining Company was organized in 1898 and included a total of fifteen claims. Some of these were the Bombard, Blue Jay, Tomahawk, Philippine, Fairmont, Commercial, Wedge Faction, Mountain View, Summit, No Count, Josie, Aetna, and Phoenix. Humming Bird was located very near the town of Burke, Idaho, in the Lelande mining district. The principal ores extracted were lead, silver, and zinc. The Humming Bird became of great interest to the Day family when they realized that the mine’s tunnel was aimed almost directly at the Hercules’ orebody. The Hercules was just uphill from the Humming Bird, and Harry Day saw a chance to renovate and extend the tunnel - thus opening up a 5th level to the Hercules. Partners in the Hercules began buying up Humming Bird stock, gaining a majority by 1908. In 1909 the Hercules began work on tunnel #5.In 1911 Harry Day became president of the board. The Humming Bird and the Hercules remained connected, physically and corporately, from then on. The Hercules acquired 97% of the stock in the 1930s and finally, in 1936, purchased all property associated with the mine and dissolved the company.


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