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Content Warning: Immoderate Germination


"The wheat smut center of the world."  That was the dubious distinction of the Pacific Northwest thirty years ago.  It was a critical situation and one which threatened the very existence of the grain industry in this region.  Through the concerted efforts of plant scientists, farmers, and commercial interests this wheat disease gradually came under control.  These efforts were so effective that a few years ago wheat smut was a minor factor in wheat production in the Pacific Northwest.  Unfortunately, the smut situation has taken a turn for the worse resulting in the 1947 crop showing an 11% increase in wheat being graded smutty in just the previous four years.  This upward trend in smut is a distinct threat to the wheat crops of future years.  Hopefully, the increased knowledge of the smut problem and proper methods of smut control will result in the return of reduced levels.  Consequently, smut control is a matter for positive action.

C.S. Holton, The Story of Wheat Smut and What To Do About It (Spokane, Washington:  Pacific Northwest Grain Dealers Association, Inc. [1947]).

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