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2023 Borah Symposium

The 2023 Borah Symposium is running through Wednesday this week.

Fiona Hill, Brookings Institution distinguished senior fellow, gave the opening keynote on Monday then sat with journalism Professor Kenton Bird for a fireside chat. Yesterday’s attendees heard a talk about the Nuclear Kellogg-Briand Pact given by David Koplow, professor at Georgetown University Law Center. There’s still a film and a closing keynote address by Idaho Governor and U of I alum Dirk Kempthorne to come.

2023 Borah Symposium graphic
2023 Borah Symposium graphic

Eleven years after World War One, the William Edgar Borah Outlawry of War Foundation was established to recognize and continue Idaho Senator William Borah’s work for peace. The Foundation held its first event in 1938, a keynote by Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the 32nd U.S. president. The Foundation began offering an annual symposium in 1938, making this year’s the 76th.

To learn more about the Symposium, follow the links below to a previous Harvester post and University of Idaho Borah Foundation & Symposium webpage.

Fall 2017: 70th Annual Borah Symposium, The Borah Foundation & Symposium


Borah Foundation Records

The Borah Foundation & Symposium

Fall 2017: 70th Annual Borah Symposium

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