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The Kiva in the Sky

Kiva rendering
The Kiva was a unique piece of architecture on the U of I campus. Perched atop a pedestal, it looked like a recently alighted spacecraft. Companionways reached out to connect it with its sister facility the College of Education Building. The Kiva was demolished in 2014 as part of the... [Read More]

Noted Educator Aurelia Henry Reinhardt

Esther Thomas scrapbook program
In 1898, the University of Idaho hired Aurelia Henry before she graduated from UC Berkeley to teach elocution and physical culture–physical culture being women’s physical education. While at the U of I, she started the first dramatics club on the university campus. Aurelia Henry poses as Kate Hardcastle in Idaho... [Read More]

The University of Idaho Starburst

Football helmet with UI starburst
Though no longer in use, a keen eye can still spot the University of Idaho starburst in various locations around campus. Also referred to as “the daisy” or “the snowflake,” the starburst was the official logo for the university from 1971-2006. U of I starburst Leo Ames, the creative director... [Read More]