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Dad's Weekend

Dad's Weekend
Dad's Weekend

Welcome UI Dads! This weekend, September 26-28, is Dad’s Weekend here at the University of Idaho.

Dad’s Weekend or Dad’s Day as it was previously known, started all the way back in 1934, with the first home football game of the season. Sadly, we lost to Gonzaga 24 to 20, but I’m sure for all the dads amongst the 6,500 fans packing the bleachers at MacLean Field the weekend was a swell time.

Separate Dad’s and Mom’s Weekends were combined in the 1970’s into a Parents Weekend that took place every spring semester. It wasn’t until 1995 that separate Dad’s and Mom’s weekends came back into existence. I’m glad this excellent tradition is still alive as I have very fond memories of my parents coming to visit for Dad’s and Mom’s Weekends when I was a student here.

Go Vandals!


Gem of the Mountains Yearbook Collection; Campus Life and Culture Vertical File Box 8, Folder 20

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