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Glee Club on Tour

Historical Student Clubs

The time-honored tradition of musical clubs has not wavered throughout the history of the University of Idaho, from choral and glee clubs to the Vandaleers Concert Choir and Jazz Choir.

In the early 1920s the Glee Club went on tour, their brochure touting the positive attributes of the “U”

Is it culture you want? Idaho has it. Is it a broad education? Idaho affords it. Is it training in Agriculture, forestry, mining, engineering, law, education, music, home economics? Idaho will best fit you to solve Idaho problems.

Glee Club [1]
Glee Club [1]
Glee Club [2]
Glee Club [2]

Music continues to be an important part of UI culture locally and worldwide. For the last 40 years, the Vandaleers have traveled the globe performing concerts and programs, as well as socializing and sight-seeing.  Here is former director Glen Lockery enjoying an evening out when on tour in 1979.

Professor Glen Lockery
Professor Glen Lockery


Campus Life & Culture Vertical File, PG 40-VAT15

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