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See that you cultivate 'sticktoitiveness'

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Now that the first week of the Fall semester is coming to a close, I am posting a few wise words of wisdom and some important ‘don’ts’ for students to follow, found in the 1899/1900 University of Idaho student handbook.

The PDF is not rendering in your browser. Please use the link below to download the PDF.

The Students' Hand-Book of the University of Idaho

“With this book comes a hearty greeting from the Christian students of Idaho University. We congratulate you on your choice of a college, and we hope that this little book may help to initiate yo into the complexities of you life among us. We welcome yo to every phase of college activity and we hope to see you making rapid growth in every department.

Upon arrival, introduce yourself to a member of the reception committee. He will welcome you and show you to the Y.M.C.A. rooms where you will find a register of all the boarding houses in town. Spend your first evening writing home. Mother is anxiously awaiting a long letter from you, telling all about your trip.

If you are not entering on a diploma, you must pass entrance examinations. When passed successfully, consult the advisory committee for your course and make out your scheme of studies. Present the entrance card issued you by your advisor to the Registrar and he will issue to you your class card. Present your class card to each professor whose subject is on your scheme of studies, and he will enter his work on your card. Now present your card to the President for approval, and if approved leave both entrance and class card with the Registrar.

You are now a student of the University, learn the college yell and join the Young Men’s Christian Association.

Things to remember: the first few weeks determine largely the character of the whole of a man’s college life and his life in college is the measure of his remaining years. How important to you then are the first few weeks. We all want to reach our highest possible place in the world, then let us keep careful guard over ourselves in the first days.”


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