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Opening the Door to a New Year

Who’s ready to close the door on 2020? We are, that’s for sure! We hope these images of doors and entranceways on the University of Idaho campus help you to symbolically prepare for the exciting new potential of welcoming in a new year as we prepare to walk out into the great unknown.

University of Idaho campuses scene. Students on Administration Building steps. [6-43]
Students and soldiers leaving the Administration Building, 1930

The year 2020 has been thought of as many things: an unprecedented, tumultuous, paradigm-shifting train wreck that it was. Defining moments have simultaneously brought people together and pushed people apart. New Year’s is a time of reflection and setting goals for a fresh start.

Engineering Building, University of Idaho doorway painting. [56-16]
Worker painting the entrance sign of the Engineering Building, 1950

Many resolutions focus on starting new hobbies, many of which you could pick up supplies for at locally owned stores, safely of course.

Co-Op Bookstore, University of Idaho. [170-2]
Students in front of the Co-Op Bookstore, 1939

In due time we will once again be able to welcome family and friends into our homes or hang out informally with people who share our interests.

Permeal J. French House, University of Idaho. Entrance. [126-5]
House Hostess Harriet Cummerford welcomes Charlotte Aldus and Lois Seubert to the Permeal J French House, 1955
School of Mines building. University of Idaho. Entryway with students. [223-11]
Students in the entryway of the School of Mines Building

And with that, we bid farewell to 2020 and open the door to 2021!

Administration Building, University of Idaho doorway with vice-president Robert W. Conrad. [52-99]
University vice-president Robert W. Conrad opens the door to the Administration Building, 1970

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