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It was one-hundred-thirty years ago that the bill establishing the University of Idaho was signed into law by the territorial governor of Idaho. It would be October of 1892, after planning, preparation, construction and the hiring of faculty, that the U of I’s doors would open to admit six students. In the bill creating the university it provided that “the University shall be open to female as well as male students…” diversity which was reflected in the first graduating class of 1896, pictured here.

University of Idaho first graduating class
University of Idaho first graduating class

While six students enrolled in 1892-93 that number would jump to sixteen students the next year and twenty-eight students by 1894-95. The bill creating the U of I also stated that no student who had been a resident of the territory for one year preceding their admission “shall be required to pay any fees for tuition in the University except in a professional department or for extra studies.”

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