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13 Days of Winter Break - Day 6


This brightly colored Christmas card inspired a sonnet about archival ninjas:

“Archival Ninjas in the basement here.
Our cardigans forever keeping warm.
Our mission to protect without any fear.
Historic papers left behind inform.

Insects have much to fear with ninjas ‘round.
No ants, no spiders, silverfish can hide.
If we see nibble marks, they will be found.
Such pests cause damage, we cannot abide

We help as best we can those who visit
From all around the lands to see our stuff.
When they fail in their search it is implicit,
Out of air we appear with no rebuff 

To help you find unknown fun left behind
With a word your search may be redefined.”

(Poem by Spec Staff)

Christmas card [6]
Christmas card [6]


MG 5771

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