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Homecoming Week

Welcome to #WeirdlyWednesday of Homecoming Week! Mark your calendars for this year’s Latah Credit Union Firework Extravaganza at 9:15 pm in the Kibbie Dome parking lot this Friday, 10/19, followed by the TowerLights LED light show at the Theophilus Tower presented by the Association of Computing Machinery. We’re celebrating today with re-imagined fireworks of years past.

Photos in no particular order include: PG 2_084-39 homecoming fireworks at MacLean field, 1960, Photographer: Arden Literal, U of Idaho Photo Center; PG 2_084-73a fireworks, homecoming,1961; PG 2_084-73b, fireworks, homecoming, 1961. Gif created by U of I Library Special Collections staff.

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