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A Philosophy of Love

In The Natural Philosophy of Love, Remy de Gourmount reflects on sexual attraction. With material discussing topics such as the sexual life of oysters, cannibalism in sex (think mantis), polygamy/monogamy of the animal world, and much more, Gourmont constructs a philosophy around sexual mores and the natural world of which humans are a part.

The Natural Philosophy of Love book cover
The Natural Philosophy of Love book cover

“We are animals, we live on animals, and animals live on us. We both have and are parasites. We are predatory, and we are the living prey of the predatory. And when we follow the love act, it is truly, in the idiom of theologians, more bestiarum. Love is profoundly animal; therein is its beauty.”


Ezra Pound Collection, Pound QP251.G66 1940

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