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First Football Team?

First football team
First football team

Left to right: front row: Charley Thomas, unknown, Guy Edwards, Pete Craig; 2nd Row: Charley M. Barbee, unknown, George Nifong, Walter Richardson; back row: A. Perl Baily, Dr. C.W. McCurdy, Art Simon, Charles Kirtley. 1893.

The University of Idaho opened its doors October 3, 1892. According to the Athletics section of the first General Catalog, published for the 1893-1894 academic year: “Little attention was given during the year to college sports. During the spring term a football team was organized and some interesting games were played. Under the auspices of the football team Field Day sports were held June 9.

The affair was impromptu. Though the men had had little training, each event upon the programme was well sustained, much to the surprise and delight of a large number of spectators. Some very effective work was done, promising much for athletics in the future.”

Perhaps this was indeed our first football team.


MG 28, Clara Ransom Davis papers, 1883-1957.

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