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Cover to Cover

Series: Cover to Cover

Welcome to a new Special Collections and Archives Tumblr series, Cover to Cover, where occasional posts will highlight rare, interesting or unique books within our collections. In honor of French author’s Guy de Maupassant’s birthday August 5th we feature an original color illustration from the frontispiece, or inside cover, of Volume 11 of the seventeen volume set of his works published in 1903. This gilt edged edition was the first set of his complete writings published in English, a limited edition deluxe set, which was available only to subscribers. The set in Special Collections was donated from the personal library of Jerome J. Day, a prominent UI alumnus, Idaho businessman, state politician and University regent.

The Life Work of Henri René Guy de Maupassant
The Life Work of Henri René Guy de Maupassant


Day 2 PQ2349.A4E3

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