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Introducing Full Caxton Jacket

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Emperor Norton: The Mad Monarch of America

New series, #FullCaxtonJacket, highlighting one of the oldest printers and independent publishing companies West of the Rockies, The Caxton Printers, Ltd. of Caldwell, Idaho. For more than 100 years, Caxton Printers, Ltd. has published everything from textbooks to internationally acclaimed authors such as Vardis Fisher and Ayn Rand. Caxton Press, a division of Caxton Printers, Ltd., continues today to publish fine books about the American West: its history, culture, geography and people.

The Caxton Collection, a gathering of all titles issued by Caxton printers, Ltd., has been brought together so that interested persons may study the publishing history of Idaho’s only nationally known publisher. Since its beginnings early in the twentieth century, Caxton Printers, Ltd. has received many accolades for superlative craftsmanship and has been acclaimed as having “recaptured the past in a long line of Western Americana.”


Allen Stanley Lane, Emperor Norton, Mad Monarch of America, Caldwell, Id.: Caxton Printers, 1939.

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