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Traditions and Rituals

Burning bonds at Commencement
Burning bonds at Commencement

With finals week coming to a close today, we start thinking about the traditions and rituals of graduation for those students who have completed their college careers.  Here, University of Idaho Regents take time during the 1934 commencement to celebrate the newly transferred ownership of Lindley Hall with this frivolous ritual of burning the bonds that covered construction of the building.  Lindley Hall served as a men’s dormitory from when it was built in 1920 until it was condemned in 1971 and demolished in 1973.  Lindley Hall was named for Ernest Hiram Lindley, President of the University 1917-1920.


PG 2-109-005: 1934, L-r: Honorable Asher B. Wilson (bending), U of I president Mervin Gordon Neale, Governor C. Ben Ross, Jerome J. Day, Ethel K. Steel, John S. Jenny and John W. Condie.

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