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Miniature photos of Moscow and the University of Idaho

Miniature photos of Moscow and the University of Idaho, published by Pacific Photo Co., circa 1918. I thought it was interesting that these photos appear to be postcards that were cut up. They all measure 1.75 by 2.75 inches. They are from Historical Photograph Collection 35: Idaho Scenes. The photos are in no particular order, the metadata we have for the images is as follows:

35-20a No 64, Engineering building. University of Idaho.
35-20b No 79, Agricultural building. [Official name: Morrill Hall, 1906- ]. University of Idaho.
35-20c No 71, Gymnasium. University of Idaho.
35-20d No 10, Moscow Hotel and I.O.O.F. Block. Moscow, Idaho.
35-20e No 41, View from School of Mines, Moscow, Idaho.
35-20f No 46, Administration Building. Moscow, Idaho.
35-20g Scene of East City Park. Moscow, Idaho.
35-20h No 21, Birdseye view, business district. Moscow, Idaho.
35-20i No 14, Business block. Moscow, Idaho.
35-20j No 35, Ridenbaugh Hall. University of Idaho.
35-20k No 57, High School. Moscow, Idaho.
35-20L No 19, Main Street. Moscow, Idaho.

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