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Who Governs Hovercraft?


After a grant submitted by the Port of Oakland in connection with the San Francisco-Oakland Helicopter Airlines, Inc. to shuttle people back and forth closer to ground, an inter-agency committee was formed to determine just that: who indeed governs hovercraft. Being that these newfangled machines could transport over land, sea and through the air, quite a few different agencies held a stake in this new group, including the Federal Maritime Commission, the Interstate Commerce Commission, the Civil Aeronautics Board, the Coast Guard, the Federal Aviation Agency, the Department of Commerce, and the Bureau of Customs. It turns out this hovercraft did come to fruition, according to the San Francisco Oakland Helicopter Airlines’ Facebook page

Why would this be in a collection from an institution that collects predominately Idaho-related materials do you ask? Well, that is because Goff, a University of Idaho alumnus and resident of Moscow, ID, was appointed to the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1958 and from 1964 - 1967 was elected Chairman and as such would help to determine jurisdiction.


MG 148_16-343, Abe McGregor Goff Papers

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