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Cryptic Mining

Mine to Mine

Series: Mine to Mine

In the days before the privacy of email, any sensitive correspondence that had to be sent quickly as in this telegram between mining administrator Henry L. Day and his attorney John H. Wourms, was sent in code. The translated letter reads: “Apparently there is deed to Liberty Mine in escrow in Bank here Stop deed to be delivered to Frank Horne unless Sheep herders pay twelve thousand dollars to Horne according to the terms of escrow Stop Sheep herders now in default Stop deed put in escrow to secure repayment of money obtained by fraud Stop Bank thinks Horne will assign contract for balance due six thousand plus interest.”

The PDF is not rendering in your browser. Please use the link below to download the PDF.

Henry L. Day correspondence


MG 307-6-154 (John H. Wourms Records), July 23, 1929

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